Rancang Bangun Web SUWUNGCV


  • Imam Fahrudin STMIK Komputama Majenang
  • Nurfadhli Abdurrahman Hakim
  • Sri Purnama Sari
  • Ina Kurnia Sari
  • R Bagus Bambang Sumantri




curriculum vitae, dynamic web, waterfall method, SUWUNGCV


CV is a curriculum vitae that contains a summary of a person's educational journey and professional activities. Curriculum vitae serves as a self-indicator which includes history, experience, talents and abilities, usually intended to apply for a job. CV is indeed familiar to everyone, even so there are still many people who are confused in making CVs and there are still many people who are lazy to make CVs manually. In this era of globalization, we can take advantage of internet services, one of which is a website. A website is an interconnected web page containing a collection of information provided individually, in groups or organizations. Based on this description, the "SUWUNGCV" website was created which is expected to make it easier for job applicants to make a CV online. This website provides a variety of attractive CV samples that will be offered to customers. CV creation on this website is also free. With the "SUWUNGCV" website, we no longer need to make CVs manually because now it can be done computerized with a variety of attractive and neat templates.





How to Cite

Fahrudin, I., Abdurrahman Hakim, N., Purnama Sari, S. ., Kurnia Sari, I. ., & Bambang Sumantri, R. B. (2021). Rancang Bangun Web SUWUNGCV. Jurnal Teknologi Dan Bisnis, 3(1), 56–66. https://doi.org/10.37087/jtb.v3i1.39